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I hope all of us remember the year when Google search engine was launched (1998). It was just a beginning stride of a “journeyman” which later turned as the ultimate “guide” in the World Wide Web! Really it was not predictable that a logo with a search box going to defeat all other search engines (AltaVista, Yahoo, ASK and all)! Whatever a visitor searches, it has a reply from Google’s end. Today it has ceased to remain a text search engine only – now images, maps, videos, and lots of things to mention! Today it is no matter of surprise that the revenue of Google is US$23.651 billion (2009) and profit is US$6.520 billion (2009)! Seeing this success anybody can think of creating a Google clone script for creating a search engine of his or her own!

Now I am talking about realtors who are affiliated with one of the big companies – not the small boutique firms. The smaller boutique firms actually who do a better job with their internet services and provide more value for the realtors ?

The first and most important thing to ask is the credibility and reliability of the website design company in bangalore. Any company you hire should have experience of handling such work before at the scale that you want them to work. Ask for their past track record in the field as this will give you clear idea about the kind of work they have handled. Try to have as many referrals as possible. This way you can establish the credibility and the past results helps to prove their reliability. Learn about the search engine optimization principles they incorporate to make your site effective. Make sure you put your needs to them regarding your site or else you end up getting something mediocre than what you had bargained for.

Now the most important thing that you have to do is making your content. Content is the king. You have to give better and relevant content to your topic.

AM-Soft is a web development house, situated in India. We have quality PHP developers with us and developing website and PHP Programming since 2005. We have seen in our journey with our outsourcing services that, most of the clients are not happy with their website either from the view point of design / look and feel or functionality of the site.

Assemble your website. If you got a complete package, you should have everything you need. Otherwise, you’ll have to get shopping cart software, payment gateway services and support systems ironed out by yourself. It’s also at this time that you should begin talks with whoever is handling the eCommerce website design to discuss preferences.

And last but not least is hosting. This essential part of the process can become a real problem if it’s not maintained properly. Make sure you check the hosting set-up and find out what all the protocols are. Find out how often your data will be backed up and if there is virus protection and server monitoring. Beware of 100% uptime figures. Servers always have some problems – the trick is finding out if the problems are fixed quickly and efficiently.

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